What is Kratom? What You Need to Know More About Kratom?

  • Sagewisdom.org

Sagewisdom.org is another website that gives you a complete description of kratom. Unlike other websites, the information on this website is not divided into categories, instead, all the kratom information is easily readable with all the specifications and description.

Sagewisdom.org entertain all international users with its informative stuff. It’s all information is available in 50 languages. Any user from all over the world can search and read the information they want easily.

This website provides information on many medicinal plants and herbs like kratom. This website contains stuff about kratom and its types. The strains of the kratom are discussed in detail with user experiences.

  • Mitragyna.com

It is obvious from this website’s name, it is all about kratom and its related information. It is a complete user guide for kratom lovers.

This website is useful for some of the international users because of the content on their website is available in 5 languages. The information on this website is not dragged but it is very precise and easy to understand for even simple users.

This website doesn’t explain the difficult terms and rocket science about kratom trend, instead, the information on this website very simply explain to start and use kratom.

It also gives resourceful information on top kratom vendors, their origin, and product specifications.


  • Ensobotanicals.com

Ensobotanicals is a famous website that mainly builds up to provide information on kratom Savvy. This website lets you buy your favorite kratom products online.

Different articles on kratom strains, its effects and dosage information are available on their page. Latest information and news related article of kratom are posted in a timely manner.

There is an option “kratom bible” which is a complete guide for kratom users, starting from the basic information till the effects of kratom. This valuable source of information for beginners as well as kratom users.

It is very easy for the users to read about kratom and order their kratom product at one platform. This website is very simple and user-friendly. All the data and content available on this website is easy to read and understand by every kind of persons.

People can also, contact them by writing a message at their website and they will respond promptly.

  • Kratomiq.com

Kratomiq.com is a complete guide and complete source of information related to kratom. This website is very unique as it contains detail information on every kratom aspect.

It exhibits a quick start guide for the people who just want to overview all the important points. All the main points are briefly discussed to save a person’s time. The layout is very attractive yet simple.

It provides the detail on complete kratom dosage information, when and how to use kratom and what will be the right amount of dosage to acquire high results. The effects of the kratom are discussed in detail.

The necessary detail about kratom strains and the user reviews about each strain is provided.

Moreover, this website provides their reviews about many online kratom vendors according to their different aspects. If you want to buy kratom, this website redirects you to happy hippo herbals a famous kratom vendor, with elaboration.


Kratom K Vendor review: Why you need to buy it from kratom k

Kratom K is a California-based company that offers a wide variety of Kratom strains. Some of their unbranded Kratom products are a little bit pricy. But, their clients have a wide selection of product to choose. Perhaps Kratom K is viewed as a mall because of the large selection both branded and unbranded kratom product.

Types of products sold by Kratom K

When you check at the product list of kratom product offered at the site, you can get overwhelmed if you’re uncertain on which product you should purchase. But, the good thing about their website is that new users get a clear buying guide since there is a breakdown of items.

On the other hand, familiar users have an easy task while searching for a product of their choice. In fact, you only need to have a particular brand to browse over the branded sections of products. When you look at their product list, you will realize some of these specific types of Kratom:

  • Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom Extracts
  • Kratom Powder
  • Liquid Kratom
  • Accessories (Wooden spoon, Empty capsules, and Digital scale)
  • 36 Branded Kratom (Kratom Kaps, Liquid K, Mayan Kratom,etc.)
  • Four Kratom Samples (Red Borneo, Maeng Da, Bali Supreme, and Thai available in Capsules and Powder)


What should you know about Kratom K?

Kratom K, just like any other best kratom supplier deals on quality substance. But one thing unique it is that a customer can shop for all of their kratom needs in one roof. Although some of their products may be expensive than others, they always guarantee clients of high-quality kratom.

Despite some of the expensive kratom products, there are other available strains sold at a lower price. It is recommended that you make a comparison of Kratom products not only based on affordability but also quality and vendors’ customer services.

What are the shortcomings of Kratom K products?

According to the customers’ review of this company, a lot of clients seem not to be satisfied by the use of the products. Some claimed that the company promotes a brand that markets themselves rather than concentrating on featuring high-quality products. Perhaps that can be a point of concern for some clients.

Approval of Kratom K products by Relevant Authorities Kratom leaves used in making Kratom K products are hand-picked from most exceptional kratom trees and then stored in suitable airtight containers for freshness. Perhaps this is the reason why it’s of high quality. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet evaluated the effects of this kratom. Therefore, kratom K advises kratom users to use these products upon medical recommendation but not to prevent, treat or cure any diseases.

Final Verdict

Before you decide to buy kratom products from online vendors, there are essential factors to consider. After much anticipation of kratom reviews, we believe that Kratom-K is one of the best online vendors. If you’re an experienced kratom user and you understand what you’re looking for, chances are you will get that particular brand right from Kratom K. but, beginners should exercise caution to avoid buying a product that may not be of help.

Why should you buy Kratom?


Why should you buy Kratom?

Kratom popularly known as Mitragyna speciosa is an evergreen indigenous plant mostly grown in Countries of Southeast Asia. In Thailand and Malaysia, Kratom leaves have been used as a stimulant for hundred of years. In low doses, Kratom acts as a stimulant while in high doses it acts as seductive. It contains compounds that have mind-altering effects. It has other synonyms and pseudonyms which include:

l Krathom.

l Mambog.

l Maeng Da.

l Ketum.

l Kademba

l Katawn.

l Biak-biak.

l Mitragyna javanica.

Benefits of taking Kratom strains

  1. It boosts the mental clarity, mind focus and cognitive function

A good number of Kratom users have reported a significant increase in mental clarity within a short time after taking call Kratom dose. It is due to the presence of a chemical called Ajmalicine which provides a circulant action in the brain. This increases the rate of blood flow to the brain. Therefore, having the correct dosage of Kratom will not only increase mental ability but also your attention span will greatly improve.

  1. A good aid in addiction recovery

Drug addicts should not worry anymore. Kratom will help addicts and alcoholics find great relief. It is due to its inherent nature of Kratom and combination with a range of health effects that have made Kratom to be used as a method of curing addiction for decades. Nowadays, opium addiction is a major issue. Therefore, when peoples are trying to get away with this behavior, they turn into Kratom leaves as a tolerable solution. Interestingly, it not only cure addiction but also eliminate any possible symptoms that might occur during the transition period.

  1. Stimulates physical and sexual energy

The physical energy created by Kratom powder is smothered and last longer than that of coffee. Kratom tag contains Corynantheidine, an alkaloid found mostly in Yohimbe. In most cases, white strains are the best in increasing sexual energy. Some of the most common white strains include:

l White elephant.

l White Maeng Da.

Additionally, Kratom has also been used as a fertility booster. It increases the blood flow thus reenergizing a tired libido. This, in turn, improves conception rates.

  1. Relieves anxiety and mental fatigue

It is a true mood enhancer and also provides an amazing powerful anxiety relief when taken. Therefore, if you struggle all the time with anxiety and mood swings, this is for you. After taking Kratom, you will never have a helluva time trying to get your duties done. Surely, you will feel energized and optimistic. You will never rely on pharmaceuticals anymore since symptoms of chemical imbalance will have been solved.

  1. It contains anti-inflammatory properties

By reducing systematic inflammation, Kratom significantly reduces the pain caused by the inflammation.

As you can see, Kratom offers numerous health benefits.

How Do Smartwatches Track Sleep

Notably, smartwatches can track sleep; they automatically measure the amount of duration you slept at night. They indicate the quality of your slumber for every night and will awaken you with gentle music. Hence, with a smartwatch, you will be able to learn the period you slept and if it was relatively relaxing. Despite the different types of the best smartwatch for women in 2019 in the market, they all work almost in the same way. But how is this possible? This article will enlighten you on how your smartwatch tracks your sleep.

How Smartwatches Track Sleep

Often, the capability of your smartwatch to track your sleep may seem like something out of the ordinary. However, you are aware that it is due to the advancement of technology. Or due to the practice of computing gross activity via non-invasive approaches to tracking sleep.

Latest Computer Gadgets have best smartwatches products tested and reviewed. Click here to read the full review before buying any smartwatch.

Notably, your smartwatch depends on a tri-axis accelerometer, which takes note of your movements and can accurately tell whether you are asleep or awake. Also, most of the smartwatches have a heart rate monitor which plays a huge role when it comes to tracking your sleep. The software that is in your smartwatch translates your wrist movements into the duration of sleep using a process known as actigraphy.

The tracking devices in smartwatches

Also, the sleep tracking device can project sleepiness during the day based on your movement. The sleep tracking function does not provide information on fitful sleep as that you will need to measure your brain. However, it will give you an idea of how long you have slept and how relaxing it is.

Through the data available in your smartwatch you can be able to compare a day, week or months sleep statistics — for instance, the average sleep time in a week. Notably, the recording of data occurs at different times of the night depending on the technology applied in your smartwatch. The data obtained is characterized by faster breathing and movements of the body

Smartwatches are accurate as wearable trackers data is mostly lined up with that of more-in-depth expensive test that is also time-consuming. Hence you do not need to obtain data from a clinic as your smartwatch with providing the required information. It is known that tracking anything that is associated with your health will make you aware of your choices. Hence when you track your sleep, you will tend to be more conscious of the period you sleep.


Smart watches for sleep tracking are like fitness trackers which encourage you to sleep at a reasonable time to allow your body to rest. Tracking sleep helps you to be mindful on the kind of activities you take out throughout the day that interrupts with the number of hours you sleep. Smartwatches are the most appropriate devices for you to use due to their ease of use and accuracy.

Green Malay Kratom the Miracle Herb

The Green Malay kratom stands high among the incredible kratom family. With one of the strongest kratom strains, it is very effective in providing euphoric affects and stimulating energy. The Green Malay is grown and harvested in the natural jungles of Malaysia and Borneo. It has larger leaves than other kratom plant hence is considered to be having super capabilities and larger potency. The green Malay has capabilities of holding high amount of strains which makes potency levels significant by providing a stellar with alkaloid quality. You need to savor the greatness of the herb and discover the unique qualities.


Constituent Properties

Within the chemical makeup of the Green Malay is a strain of 40 alkaloid properties which it boasts of therefore creating a powerful combination for a user who is both interested in looking for quality and high levels of kratom influence that may come in form of powder or capsule. The Green Malay also boasts of a large concentration of Mitragynine and 7-hrdroxymytragynine that contain a lot of oxidants that actually contain illness.

How to Use Green Malay

The excessive use of kratom can be addictive and have lethal that may cause even fatalities in case of taking high dosages. Green Malay kratom if overused can cause a large number of side effects because it is a strong strain of kratom. A dosage of 8-10 grams of Green Malay is a very high amount of that stimulates someone energy and provides relaxation. At 2-6 grams, the user rips maximum benefit from the product depending on their respective body weight. People with weights of 150 pounds should take about 3-5 grams while people with a weight spanning over 200 pounds can take 5-8 grams of Green Malay kratom. 1.5-3 grams is a starter pack for beginners.


Effects of Green Malay Kratom

The Green Malay Kratom is definitely stronger than both red Thai and Bali kratom. The most incredible thing about it is the cycles it acts at. The first hour of usage produces so much energy while some users claim to feel the real effect 3-5 hours after consumption.

Benefits of Green Malay Kratom

When Green Malay Kratom is taken at the right dosage, it is most likely to give you maximum benefit. The strain effects are geared towards uplifting your spirits, giving you excitement and to motivate you on how to take on life. The other benefits will also include; a focused mentality, pain relief on muscles and joints, relieves of stomach problems, relieves stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure among other things.

The Green Malay Kratom is definitely one of the major frontiers in the industry of supplement products. Its contribution to making the lives of people in the world cannot be understated.

Red Thai review

Red Thai review

As all red vein strains red Thai is one with strong effects that may affect you in moderate doses (which also depends on how long you have been using Kratom, what doses and strains).

Red Thai is one of the most popular strains that are favored by many users that want to experience strong opiate-like effects. But one must keep in mind that the effects of red Thai (as in most red vein strains) are dose-dependent, meaning that the effects that you will experience are very dependent on how high or low the dose you take is. To name the effects of red Thai:

  • Strong sedating effect (moderate-to-high doses)
  • Strong pain relieving effect (the strength of this effect is dose-dependent)
  • Tiredness relieving effect (moderate and high doses)
  • Mood-enhancing effect (not a dose-dependent effect)
  • Moderate energetic effect (low doses)

From this we can see that red Thai effects are very much alike opiate drugs effects (as Kratom is an opiate agonist itself) and it is a must to say that one should be aware of overdoing it, as the side-effects are also the same as of opiates:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Disorientation in some cases
  • Muscle spasms and cramps
  • Heartbeat
  • Chills
  • Elevated body temperature

So always regulate the dose you take and make sure that the dose you take is one you can handle.


Red Thai is one strain that has received tons of positive reviews and is rated 5/5 by almost every user. So what makes red Thai so special? Many things if being honest with you!

First of all, red Thai is popular enough to be sold by every vendor and is not difficult to find at all. You won’t need to spend a lot of time to find it from special vendors as you would do with ultra-enhanced and other fancy strains like green Malay kratom. It is a must to mention that, as it is very popular and sold everywhere, the price is quite affordable. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money where to buy kratom very often, there is a solution: besides being a very strong strain it is also the perfect strain for making tinctures and very concentrated extracts out of it! Users have posted a lot of recipes and methods to make great tinctures and extracts that will last you for long, as you will have to take only half your regular dose or even less in order to experience strong effects. But you need to take tinctures and strong extracts with special caution, as you can overdose them and experience severe side-effects by taking a seemingly small dose. Users have reported cases where they underestimated the strength of red Thai tinctures and experienced unwanted side-effects like vomiting, dizziness, headaches etc.

Another great thing that users love about red Thai is its strong painkilling effect. Users claim that it helps a lot. Not only it relieves mild acute pain, but also relieves strong chronic pain (migraine, strong pain after surgical procedures, tunnel syndrome etc.) and even helps when prescription drugs do not help at all! Many users that experienced chronic pain report this.

It is also very important to say that red Thai is one of the best red vein strains to remove severe withdrawal symptoms and treat opiate addiction, as it has been traditionally used by Thai people to treat opiate addiction. This is due to the fact that it can totally compensate the effects of heroin or morphine (as it is an opiate analog by itself) and completely manage withdrawal syndrome and after that one will gradually get off the needle and start using Kratom, which he\she can get off very easily. It is a lot cheaper and more effective than most procedures.

So it is obvious that this particular strain is one of the best which you can buy and use for a lot of reasons, most of which are mentioned above. The only thing you have to be careful with is using large doses, as it can give side-effects more severe than any stain (meaning green and white strains).

Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Modafinil Online

Modafinil online shopping is considered one of the significant aspects of the Internet in the world. If you choose to buy online, you will have many benefits. Many people, even now, do not know that they can save a lot of money by considering this method of purchase. As you can see, there are strict competitions among departmental stores, as well as for online retailers. These online retailers are fighting to offer consumers the best deals possible.


Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Modafinil Online

Consumers benefit a lot from the battle with online retailers. Most people are looking for big companies. Fortunately, most online retailers help them meet their needs. One of the best examples of economic benefits is called “online offers.” Retailers who also sell off-line drugs mainly offer them. The way it will benefit consumers is that they offer significant discounts to people who buy specific items on their websites.

One of the main advantages of online shopping Modafinil is that it avoids the fever of holidays. By choosing this purchase method, you no longer have to worry about staying in the long queue to make payments and carry out all the medicines you have purchased. Online shopping can be a fun experience, depending on the type of the online shop you buy Modafinil at.


Saving time is another advantage of Modafinil online shopping. With Modafinil online shopping, you do not have to walk miles to find a store that sells the drug you’re looking for, because you can buy it at the push of a button. With the comfort of your home, you can make your shopping experience very pleasant. It is perfect for those who want to buy Modafinil online because they do not have to buy in public. If you have not joined the crowd of online shoppers yet, this is the excellent opportunity. You will surely save money, time and effort.

Finally, the advantage of Modafinil online shopping is that you can buy at your leisure. When you buy Modafinil online, you will save a lot of time to spend with your family, which is much more difficult in the world today. Why waste those moments of nervousness in a typical mall while you can do it any time of the week? Online shopping has become the most popular way to buy today. Many times you will find better prices because there is low overhead.


In this new era of online pharmacies are multiplying each year with the opening of new online stores. Online shopping can be the new opening of this trend. However, be sure to choose the best seller. Check out the reviews online and ask for recommendations from your friends, colleagues and family members.

A Guide to Choosing an Authentic and Reliable Kratom Vendor

Different people indulge in the consumption of kratom for various reasons. Whatever the reason, each user should ensure that they are consuming authentic substances to receive the desired results. With the growing Kratom market, there are many vendors of the product today. This makes it difficult to determine the best vendor among the numerous Kratom companies in the market. As you want to receive genuine products, the guide below will help you choose a vendor that is highly reliable.

  1. Price

Customers prefer to buy kratom products going for affordable prices as they are able to avoid financial constraints. However, you should not go for extremely cheap products as there is a high likelihood that they are not entirely genuine. Therefore, analyze the different prices offered in the kratom market. This will help you identify when you are over priced and under priced. It is advisable to choose a vendor whose prices range at average as they tend to have the most genuine products.

  1. Packaging

The manner in which a kratom vendor does their packaging tells a lot about the quality of the products and services they provide. A vendor that is concerned about the well-being of its customers will ensure that their packaging is done neatly. Items should also be properly sealed to withstand wear and tear during shipping. Poor sealing could expose the product causing it to oxidize. Therefore, choose a company that takes their time to carry out proper sealing to each of their ordered packages to avoid breaking and leakage during movement such as the shipping process.

  1. Shipping Process

As every customer wishes to receive their ordered package within a short duration, many companies practice same day shipping. Therefore, if you desire to receive your items within a short time, look for a kratom vendor that provides same day shipping. It is also vital to ensure that you can track your item after purchase as you are able to approximate when it is getting to you. If it gets lost, you can be able to trace its whereabouts and recover it.

  1. Discounts

Discounts and sharing of coupons easily attract many customers. A good company will take note of this and give discounts once in a while. Therefore, invest in a company that provides discounts to its customers as you can get notified when products have discounts, meaning that you can get them for less money.

  1. Privacy

Customers need assurance that their bank details are kept private while they make online purchases. Therefore, look for a vendor that provides reliable modes of payments to avoid inconveniences and complications during placement of orders. It is always advisable to get a separate card for placing online orders which will only contain the amount of money that you need for that specific purchase.

Kratom Tea and Why You Need To Add It to Your Beverage Options

Kratom tea goes by the scientific name mitragyna speciosa. It is grown some African countries and in southern Asia it is not uncommon to find farmers chewing its leaves as they undertake a day’s work. And in no time you will sense the energy shift as the farmer gets more vibrant farming from its energy boost. Kratom active components are alkaloids mitragynine and its 7 hidroymitragynine. These compounds are responsible for its benefits and increased popularity in the recent years.

Kratom leaves are dried and crushed to make the kratom powder. The powder is consumed in two methods. As a tea or by toss and wash method.

 Toss and Wash Method

The toss and wash method is the traditional option. It entails taking the dry powder in little portions and letting digestion break it down. This method works more as a stimulant and doesn’t give a feel of some of the kratom benefits in pain relief. Research also shows that taking the raw kratom tea powder leaves a wobbly feeling on the subject.

kratom tea

Kratom tea, on the other hand, is the most modern method and offers diverse benefits. The powder or leaves are boiled in water. Water increases the extraction of kratom benefits. Kratons alkaloids absorbed in tea are easier to absorb into the bloodstream giving instant energy boosts. Rapid digestion of kratom tea gives an almost immediate mood boost and euphoric feeling. Unlike the kratom powder, there will be no wobbly feeling after taking kratom tea.

The five significant benefits of taking kratom tea

Regardless of how you make your kratom tea, there are five common perks to this rich beverage.

  1. It eases digestion

When bloated, constipated or suffering cramps from indigestion, some people resolve to take over the counter prescriptions. But deep down they are looking for a natural solution to avoid the side effects of taking prescription drugs. Kraton tea promotes proper digestions ensuring you do not suffer intestinal discomforts, indigestion or constipation as it boosts your metabolism.

  1. Pain relief

Kratom tea is a safe way to fight pains from flu, headaches, cramps and general discomforts. Taking small doses of the tea helps the pains subside.

  1. Boosts your energy

Farmers in southern Asia and Africa were the first to discover and experience the energy boost from kratom tea as they chewed on the raw leaves to get energy boosts to toil an extra mile on their fields kratom tea invigorates your body by awakening your senses and stimulating the mind. When you are feeling sluggish from a day’s work, take a cup of kratom tea and run the extra mile.

  1. The ultimate mood boost

Apart from awakening your senses, kratom tea also offers relaxation. It produces endorphins in your body. These are peptides responsible for your brain activation allowing spa-like relaxation when you want to relax after a tedious day; kratom tea is the solution for you.

  1. Complexion improvement

Kraton tea induces increased blood flow thus promoting circulation. The skin is therefore kept clean, fresh and rosy. When wounded, kratom helps balance the body pH to speed up healing.

Kraton tea also comes in diverse flavors. The red-veined kratom tea in the most popular kratom strain for its relaxation. White vein kratom and maeng da kratom powder give an energy kick to your body. Get some kratom tea today and discover its goodness.

Different ways of Taking Kratom

As the use of kratom continues to gain popularity, it is essential for people to know how they can use the product for maximum benefits. Kratom comes in different forms. It can be in the form of capsules, powder, leaves, liquid extract, etc. The way in which you take kratom can be determined by a variety of factors including your tastes and preference. In its pure form, kratom can be bitter. This happens to be the reason as to why most people opt to take it in other forms. This article will look at the different ways in which you can take kratom.


One of the best methods of evading the bitter taste of kratom is taking it in the form of capsules. Finely ground powder from kratom leaves is the substance used in the capsules. To make kratom capsules, you will require a weighing scale that can measure in millimeters and a capsule maker. You can search online for quality capsules makers and weighing scales. Kratom dosage varies according to the individual, the type of kratom and the desired effect. A beginner should not take more than 4 capsules, and the maximum intake for an experienced user should not exceed 10 capsules.


Smoking kratom has been traditionally practiced in the areas the plant is grown. Smoking kratom though it is practiced may not be the best way of taking kratom. You require more quantities of kratom leaves to some compared to other forms. Smoking kratom will produce the same opiate-like effects as smoking marijuana, only that the side effects are minimal. It is an excellent way of dealing with opiate addiction. Caution should be taken since smoking kratom can have severe effects as smoking cigarettes. It can affect your lungs and create a potential risk of lung cancer.

Kratom tea

Kratom tea proves to be one of the best ways to take kratom. Preparing the tea doesn’t affect the levels of alkaloids in the preparation. Smoking kratom can denature the alkaloids available. To prepare the tea you will require around 10-20 grams of fresh or dried kratom leaves. You can also opt to use kratom powder in place of the leaves. Boil the mixture gently for 10 to 15 minutes. Sieve the tea and serve in a cup.


You can ingest kratom by chewing whether fresh or dried leaves. The taste may not be appealing though. Chewing fresh kratom leaves is more common in communities that grow the plant. Men mainly practice this.

Use kratom in smoothies and juices

To mask the state of kratom, many people prefer to add the extract or powder into these products. Other ways of taking kratom include incorporating it into your yogurt, milk or food. The main idea behind this is to make the taste bearable.

Kratom dosage varies on the form you take the product. Kratom extract is the most concentrated form while you will require large amounts of the product if you are smoking to get the desired effect. As a beginner, start with small doses of kratom as you monitor the effects on your body and progress to higher quantities.