Club 13 review | Kratom strains available at Club 13

Club 13 review

Club 13 is listed among the top vendors selling Kratom online. This vendor was introduced in 1999. Their only mission was to sell pure and excellent quality Kratom. This is the reason they have attained a well-reputed and top-ranked position in the market.

Quality of the products:

The quality of the products available at Club 13 attracts a lot of buyers. Their incredible quality makes them unique and particular. Kratom possible here is of ultimate quality. They take royal care of their products. Club 13 chooses the world’s best harvesters to harvest Kratom. This is why; their Kratom is unexcelled and irreplaceable. These harvesters ensure the quality and perfect growth of Kratom. They take care of the location, soil, and climate as well. They choose the best area for Kratom growth.

Club 13 does not leave everything on their harvesters. Harvesters are only responsible for cultivating Kratom. The unique team of Club 13 does the rest work. The team is responsible for the remarkable manufacturing of Kratom. Club 13 believes the building of Kratom is another essential part of providing the best quality Kratom. This is because if construction is not done with proper care, then Kratom will lose some of its primary ingredients.

Kratom strains available at Club 13:

Club 13 only sells the best strains of Kratom. Although there are countless strains of Kratom available in the market Club 13 only vend those strains which are popular and most excellent. They believe in selling paramount and unsurpassed pressures to their customers. Following strains of Kratom are available at Club 13:

  1. Red Bali Kratom
  2. Green Malay Kratom
  3. Indo White Kratom
  4. Green Maeng Da Kratom
  5. Red Maeng Da Kratom
  6. White Maeng Da Kratom

Packaging of the products:

Club 13 packs their products in attractive packaging. They believe that the first impression is the last. They are selling their Kratom products in the form of powder and capsules.

Lab testing of the products:

Club 13 ensures the quality of the products through lab testing. Not even a single product is sold without a complete lab test. The trial is done against pesticides, microbiological contamination such as fungus and moulds, and heavy metals.

Website of Club 13:

A complete description of the products is given on their website. The Kratom powder and capsules are sold according to their dose or strength. A full description of the dosage and power is provided on their site, which makes it easy for the customers to decide what they want. Customer service is 24 hours available. You can also contact them through email. Their email is mentioned on their website.

Prices of the products:

The prices of the products are different. If you are willing to buy Kratom in the form of capsules, then you have to pay a bit more as compared to the price of Kratom in the form of powder. The prices also depend upon the weight of dose as well as the strength.