How Do Smartwatches Track Sleep

Notably, smartwatches can track sleep; they automatically measure the amount of duration you slept at night. They indicate the quality of your slumber for every night and will awaken you with gentle music. Hence, with a smartwatch, you will be able to learn the period you slept and if it was relatively relaxing. Despite the different types of the best smartwatch for women in 2019 in the market, they all work almost in the same way. But how is this possible? This article will enlighten you on how your smartwatch tracks your sleep.

How Smartwatches Track Sleep

Often, the capability of your smartwatch to track your sleep may seem like something out of the ordinary. However, you are aware that it is due to the advancement of technology. Or due to the practice of computing gross activity via non-invasive approaches to tracking sleep.

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Notably, your smartwatch depends on a tri-axis accelerometer, which takes note of your movements and can accurately tell whether you are asleep or awake. Also, most of the smartwatches have a heart rate monitor which plays a huge role when it comes to tracking your sleep. The software that is in your smartwatch translates your wrist movements into the duration of sleep using a process known as actigraphy.

The tracking devices in smartwatches

Also, the sleep tracking device can project sleepiness during the day based on your movement. The sleep tracking function does not provide information on fitful sleep as that you will need to measure your brain. However, it will give you an idea of how long you have slept and how relaxing it is.

Through the data available in your smartwatch you can be able to compare a day, week or months sleep statistics — for instance, the average sleep time in a week. Notably, the recording of data occurs at different times of the night depending on the technology applied in your smartwatch. The data obtained is characterized by faster breathing and movements of the body

Smartwatches are accurate as wearable trackers data is mostly lined up with that of more-in-depth expensive test that is also time-consuming. Hence you do not need to obtain data from a clinic as your smartwatch with providing the required information. It is known that tracking anything that is associated with your health will make you aware of your choices. Hence when you track your sleep, you will tend to be more conscious of the period you sleep.


Smart watches for sleep tracking are like fitness trackers which encourage you to sleep at a reasonable time to allow your body to rest. Tracking sleep helps you to be mindful on the kind of activities you take out throughout the day that interrupts with the number of hours you sleep. Smartwatches are the most appropriate devices for you to use due to their ease of use and accuracy.