Kratom Tea and Why You Need To Add It to Your Beverage Options

Kratom tea goes by the scientific name mitragyna speciosa. It is grown some African countries and in southern Asia it is not uncommon to find farmers chewing its leaves as they undertake a day’s work. And in no time you will sense the energy shift as the farmer gets more vibrant farming from its energy boost. Kratom active components are alkaloids mitragynine and its 7 hidroymitragynine. These compounds are responsible for its benefits and increased popularity in the recent years.

Kratom leaves are dried and crushed to make the kratom powder. The powder is consumed in two methods. As a tea or by toss and wash method.

 Toss and Wash Method

The toss and wash method is the traditional option. It entails taking the dry powder in little portions and letting digestion break it down. This method works more as a stimulant and doesn’t give a feel of some of the kratom benefits in pain relief. Research also shows that taking the raw kratom tea powder leaves a wobbly feeling on the subject.

kratom tea

Kratom tea, on the other hand, is the most modern method and offers diverse benefits. The powder or leaves are boiled in water. Water increases the extraction of kratom benefits. Kratons alkaloids absorbed in tea are easier to absorb into the bloodstream giving instant energy boosts. Rapid digestion of kratom tea gives an almost immediate mood boost and euphoric feeling. Unlike the kratom powder, there will be no wobbly feeling after taking kratom tea.

The five significant benefits of taking kratom tea

Regardless of how you make your kratom tea, there are five common perks to this rich beverage.

  1. It eases digestion

When bloated, constipated or suffering cramps from indigestion, some people resolve to take over the counter prescriptions. But deep down they are looking for a natural solution to avoid the side effects of taking prescription drugs. Kraton tea promotes proper digestions ensuring you do not suffer intestinal discomforts, indigestion or constipation as it boosts your metabolism.

  1. Pain relief

Kratom tea is a safe way to fight pains from flu, headaches, cramps and general discomforts. Taking small doses of the tea helps the pains subside.

  1. Boosts your energy

Farmers in southern Asia and Africa were the first to discover and experience the energy boost from kratom tea as they chewed on the raw leaves to get energy boosts to toil an extra mile on their fields kratom tea invigorates your body by awakening your senses and stimulating the mind. When you are feeling sluggish from a day’s work, take a cup of kratom tea and run the extra mile.

  1. The ultimate mood boost

Apart from awakening your senses, kratom tea also offers relaxation. It produces endorphins in your body. These are peptides responsible for your brain activation allowing spa-like relaxation when you want to relax after a tedious day; kratom tea is the solution for you.

  1. Complexion improvement

Kraton tea induces increased blood flow thus promoting circulation. The skin is therefore kept clean, fresh and rosy. When wounded, kratom helps balance the body pH to speed up healing.

Kraton tea also comes in diverse flavors. The red-veined kratom tea in the most popular kratom strain for its relaxation. White vein kratom and maeng da kratom powder give an energy kick to your body. Get some kratom tea today and discover its goodness.